Pulp This is hardcore
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Dedicated to SL

Robe bandage rouge 160 000 Ar
Chaussures en serpent 170 000 Ar
Pochette marron 35 000 Ar

Robe bandage colorée 160 000 Ar
Demi-bottes New Look 160 000 Ar
Pochette noire 30 000 Ar

Twenty One
Haut crêpé 60 000 Ar
Pantalon Blog skinny 75 000 Ar

Pochette argentée 110 000 Ar
Talons Texto 156 000 Ar

Twenty One
Kimono en mousseline My Fashion 68 000 Ar
Jupe en crayon Total Fashion 60 000 Ar
Chaussures Osmose 300 000 Ar

Dernier Caprice
Boxer Men’s story 15 000 Ar
Combi-short bleu 55 000 Ar

Pull 115 000 Ar
Pantalon 62 000 Ar

Robe 115 000 Ar
Sautoir argenté 62 000 Ar
Collier 45 000 Ar
Pull 115 000 Ar
Pantalon 62 000 Ar

Dentelle Passion
Mini-robe by Ikywi 170 000 Ar
Escarpins Jennyfer 100 000 Ar

Dentelle Passion
Combi-short by Ikywi 162 000 Ar
Escarpins New Look 140 000 Ar

Robe Diva 225 000 Ar
Robe Caroline 345 000 Ar

Dernier Caprice
Maillot deux pièces Soleil sucré 68 000 Ar
Paréo 20 000 Ar

Débardeur 40 000 Ar
Short 52 000 Ar

Maki Company
Débardeur 30 000 Ar
Corsaire 36 000 Ar

Gemey Maybelline
Baby lips Cherry me
Clear smooth 06 Toffee
Colossal Kajal black

Prise de vue : Le Louvre
Remerciements : Andie & Koloina
Make-up : Aina Matisse avec les produits Maybelline

Photographe : #SetraRaz

You are hardcore, you make me hard
You name the drama and I’ll play the part
It seems I saw you in some teenage wet dream
I like your get up if you know what I mean
I want it bad, I want it now

Oh can’t you see I’m ready now
I’ve seen all the pictures
I’ve studied them forever
I wanna make a movie so let’s star in it together
Don’t make a move ’til I say « Action ! »
Oh, here comes the hardcore life
Put your money where your mouth is tonight
Leave your make-up on & I’ll leave on the light
Come over here babe & talk in the mic.

Oh yeah I hear you now
It’s gonna be one hell of a night
You can’t be a spectator, oh no
You got to take these dreams & make them whole

Oh this is hardcore
There is no way back for you
Oh this is hardcore
This is me on top of you
And I can’t believe that it took me this long 

This is the eye of the storm
It’s what men in stained raincoats pay for but in here it is pure
Yeah, this is the end of the line
I’ve seen the storyline played out so many times before
Oh that goes in there
Then that goes in there
Then that goes in there

Then that goes in there & then it’s over

Oh, what a hell of a show, but what I want to know
What exactly do you do for an encore ? ‘Cos this is hardcore.

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